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CBD for smoking cessation

CBD for smoking cessation
Nicotine withdrawal is a complex of symptoms that appear after an abrupt cessation of smoking. Withdrawal syndrome indicates that nicotine has served as the body's primary stimulant for many years, and lack of a habitual dose causes the following symptoms:
cough and shortness of breath;
trembling of the hands;
cardiac arrhythmia;
pain and migraines;
drop in blood pressure;
Loss of appetite or increased appetite.

The withdrawal syndrome not only affects the quality of life, but also provokes a relapse in the affected person. Therefore, not only motivation but also effective measures to reduce nicotine withdrawal are important for a successful cessation. CBD helps to overcome nicotine withdrawal and minimize discomfort, but is not addictive.
How CBD Helps Smoking Cessation:
Harmonizes the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and endocrine systems;
Relieves pain;
Reduces Inflammation;
Lowers stress levels;
Improves sleep;
Increases general tone and boosts immunity.
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