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Use CBD effectively

The recommended dosage for CBD products can only be generalized. It's not possible to pinpoint a set that will work equally well for everyone, as there are idiosyncrasies in how each body works that need to be considered. What factors should be considered when calculating the ideal CBD dosage?
- Presence of diseases or allergies;
- degree of disease intensity;
- Metabolism;
- individual reaction of the body to CBD;
- Weight;
- Tolerance to medications you are currently taking.
The dosage also depends on what you are using CBD for and what effect you want to achieve. Some use it for prevention, while others use it to treat a specific problem. In the latter case, the dosages are higher.
The type of CBD product used also affects dosage calculations.
Isolates, i.e. isolated cannabidiol, have fewer effects on the body due to the lack of terpenes and other cannabinoids. Consequently, the dosage of such CBD products should be higher. Full-spectrum oil is more effective due to the combined action of the phytocomponents called the "entourage" effect.
It will take time to find an individual dosage that takes into account the above factors. Too low a dosage may not produce the desired results. And a high dosage can simply lead to waste of the product.
The best solution is to start with a standard dose and then increase or decrease it depending on your body's response.
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