Geschichte von CBD

History of CBD

The earliest mention of cannabis dates back to 2300 BC. in the classic Chinese book King Shu, which is part of the Confucian Pentateuch and documents the ancient history of China. Cannabis played an important role in the shamanic traditions of various cultures, finding uses for almost every part of the plant. The stems provided fiber for rope and cloth, the seeds - a rich source of protein and essential fatty acids - were consumed for food, and the roots and resinous flower tips were used for medicinal and ritual purposes.
In the 19th century, scientific attempts to identify the psychoactive ingredients that cause euphoria began. Century. However, researchers failed because of the lipophilic (oily) nature of the plant, which required sophisticated technology to study and analyze.
The turning point for cannabis research came in 1964 when Israeli scientists Raphael Mehoulam and Yehiel Gaoni isolated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and identified it as a highly pathogenic compound. Mechoulam also discovered the chemical structure of several other cannabis components, including cannabidiol (CBD). He called these organic compounds "cannabinoids" and likened the plant to a "pharmacological treasure trove".
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