Wie vermeide ich einen Nervenzusammenbruch?

How to avoid a nervous breakdown?

A nervous breakdown is the result of a sustained accumulation of negative emotions that triggers any of the possible behaviors:
* Aggressive reactions to any circumstance and uncontrolled outburst of emotions.
* Total withdrawal, apathy and depression.
These behaviors can become dangerous to others, loved ones, and yourself. The longer a deviation from the norm is ignored, the more difficulties accompany everyday life, and at the critical moment the nervous system can no longer withstand the external pressure. In this state, it is difficult to muster the strength to seek help.
This is why it is so important to recognize the signs of high mental stress in good time:
- sleep disorder;
- Emotional instability;
- pain and twitching;
- Decreased libido;
- Eating disorder;
- constant fatigue;
- neglect of hygiene, daily routines, work or study; - Feelings of hopelessness and pessimism.
If you suffer from these symptoms, a therapist, regular exercise, and relaxation techniques can help lower your stress levels.
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