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Manufacturing process

For us, it is not only the production of a top-quality product that is important, but also the way in which the process is carried out. We believe that the creation of unique, useful products must be done in harmony with the environment. For this reason, we choose products that are certified according to the strictest ecological standards. Ecological production technologies ensure not only the highest quality, especially in terms of safety for people, but also respect for nature. You can be sure that the environment is improved a little during production, so by using our product you contribute to the preservation and prosperity of nature.

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Quality Assurance

CBD oils from ApolloCBD are a premium product that is quality controlled at all stages of development and production. From certified cultivation in hemp fields with complete elimination of pesticides and herbicides to well-coordinated CO2 extraction processes and packaging in sealed, durable glass bottles. 

The company's ideology includes maintaining the highest quality standards and continuously improving its own performance. For this reason, independent laboratories confirm the superior cannabinoid profile of ApolloCBD's CBD oils in their detailed reports in regular tests. Our natural extract, obtained exclusively from cannabidiol-rich, open-grown cannabis varieties, meets all requirements and is a certified product.

Cbis varieties, our organic natural extract meets all requirements and is a certified product.

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